Gas station roof destroyed as chaotic winds tear through Austin

January 11, 2024 by No Comments

Strong wind gusts swept through Austin this week, causing widespread power outages and property damage. An overturned gas station canopy at an Exxon station in South Austin served as a stark illustration of the wind’s intensity, according to local reports. A store employee described hearing a loud noise akin to a car crash upon the canopy’s collapse.

This was captured in the photo below which went viral on social media and sums up the extent of the damage caused by the wind. Thankfully no one was hurt after the canopy fell victim to the winds.

While Austin has seen chaotic storms of late, many other parts of the country have also endured unusual weather, with large parts of Baltimore flooded and severe snow across Kansas City, MO. With this in mind, you could argue that Austin got off lightly in comparison.


News of the damaged canopy was first mentioned on Reddit where a passerby managed to snap photos of the aftermath. Here, various users responded with their own stories of the weather and how it had affected them.

This theme was continued by Austin Energy who confirmed the wind’s impact extended beyond isolated incidents, affecting numerous businesses and homes across the city. For now, at least, it looks like the worst of it is over.


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