See you later Alligator – Reptile seen taking nighttime swim in Columbia Riverwalk

March 9, 2024 by No Comments

This week, a surprised Columbia resident spotted an alligator taking a nighttime swim at the Columbia Riverwalk during the night. While it wasn’t the largest alligator in the world, it was still a sight to behold and isn’t the most common sight in the world either. Nonetheless, as the Riverwalk is a freshwater area, this means that there is a possibility of alligators in the area.

The alligator was first spotted by a user on Reddit who was shocked at seeing the nighttime animal. This prompted other users to also discuss their own alligator encounters over the years while living in South Carolina. Although a novelty, it should also be noted that these are dangerous creatures who can kill if provoked.

Although Columbia isn’t exactly Florida when it comes to weird animals, sometimes, they can be spotted in the swampy areas of Congaree National Park and along the rivers in the city. However, their population is relatively small and critically endangered due to extensive hunting in the past. While it is possible to encounter alligators in the area, they are not extremely common and caution should be taken when exploring their habitats.

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