Is this Fort Worth’s DUMBEST driver? Car drives down freeway without front tire

March 9, 2024 by No Comments

Yesterday, footage emerged showing a sports car driving on a freeway without a front wheel. The car in question was filmed by a passing car which showed sparks literally flying off the front wheel as its metal scraped across the floor. At the start of the video, another car flashed the culprit to let them know their driving was not acceptable.

This wasn’t you’re usual case of bad driving either and was clearly intentional. Not only this but not only did the rogue Miota endanger the driver but also the nearby cars who were in its presence. The video was originally posted to the ‘idiots in cars’ Reddit where hundreds of users condemned the driver’s behavior.

According to one user, they saw the incident as they said: “I definitely saw this YESTERDAY off the right side of 35W headed north right before the exit to 30W to Abilene about 9AM.”

Others speculated that there was a strong chance that the driver was under the influence of drugs, while others had supposedly spotted it around Fort Worth. At this moment in time it is not known what happened to the car in the above video. However, it is believed that rather miraciously, it survived the journey with no accidents.

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