Door Dash map shows Kansas City residents go wild for takeout during snow storm

January 10, 2024 by No Comments

Kansas City, Missouri, experienced significant snowfall on Monday, surpassing expected winter weather totals. The National Weather Service confirmed on Tuesday afternoon, that Pleasant Hill, Missouri, received the highest reported accumulation with 10.8 inches of snow. This substantial snowfall equates to 1.16 inches of total precipitation, exceeding the average precipitation for the entire month of January in the region.

Across Kansas City, the storm deposited 5.7 inches of snow and 0.79 inches of precipitation, further highlighting the intensity of the winter weather system. This led to a mass of takeout orders which was shown by a map shared by a local Door Dash driver. As seen below, the city was busy ordering online food on Tuesday with unprecedented numbers due to the snow.


As seen, food outlets across the city were listed as ‘Very busy’ across the board. Typically, this map should show restaurants showing as moderate when it comes to the total number of orders per hour. This was initially shared on Reddit where one user claimed: “It’s not even noon yet and my friend who does Door Dash has already made $100. Granted, she has a suburbitank and grew up in Wisconsin so this doesn’t bother her at all.”

With the weather looking to calm down over the next few days, it looks as though this trend will not last. However, for restaurants and delivery drivers across the city, it looks as though the past few days have been very profitable.

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