Michigan Satanic Temple burns goat effigy in creepy ceremony – As locals grow tired of their antics

January 10, 2024 by No Comments

Weeks after dumping a creepy goat display on the lawn of Michigan’s Capitol building during the holiday season, the local Satanic Temple group is at it again. This time, they burned a goat effigy in a forest at night. Here, a group of hooded individuals stood around the fire which made for an eerie sight.

According to the group, the goat was ceremonially burned as part of a ‘Destruction Ritual.’ This rite, a cornerstone of The Satanic Temple’s practices, provides participants with an opportunity to identify and symbolically release objects representing pain and suffering. Amongst the items offered for destruction was a letter authored by eight Michigan representatives. The letter, condemning the Yule Goat display as ‘evil’ and demanding its removal from the Capitol grounds, stood in stark contrast to the message of inclusivity and plurality that the statue represented according to the Satanists.


News of the ceremony was shared on Reddit and gained hundreds of comments. While some supported the group, it seems that some Michigan residents had enough of their antics, with one user writing: “When they first started, I thought it was funny. They had a point to make. But, the joke is played out. And, now it’s like Flat Earth. It started with people being ironic, but now they’re actually buying into it. Satan as it’s commonly understood is about evil. Pretending to be good is part of the lore. Manipulation is part of the lore. In the end, none of it’s real. But, sooner or later some nut job is going to join them and turn up the volume. Honestly, it’s just best to ignore them.”

In recent times, The Satanic Temple has made headlines for its controversial stunts around Michigan which have widely been condemned by various religious groups.

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