Satanic Temple leaves demonic display outside Michigan Capitol building

December 19, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday evening, a demonic-looking decoration was left outside of the Michigan Capitol building for all to see. This was a goat-like body with a skull as the face. Typically, the Satanic Temple is known for using goats and similar animals as part of its imagery. As seen, this would have turned a few heads and caused the controversy it desired.

News of the controversial decoration was shared on Reddit, where one user said: “Last night members of The Satanic Temple-West Michigan, Detroit, and Capitol Area Michigan congregations set up the annual Yule Goat display at the Michigan Capitol. The Yule Goat stands as a symbol of religious plurality and diversity. This is the fifth year The Satanic Temple Michigan Congregations have observed the holidays through the Yule Goat display. After which it will be taken and ceremoniously burned in a destruction ritual that centers around the concept of alleviating pain and suffering through ritualistic burning. The display can be found on display on the northeastern yard at the state capitol throughout the holiday season.”


In recent times, The Satanic Temple has caused quite a stir across the US. This isn’t an issue exclusive to Michigan either as it was recently reported that the Iowa Capitol building also had a Satanic Temple display inside the building. This was eventually destroyed by a critic of the religion.

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