Astoria to get yet another pizza joint – And you may have heard of it

December 1, 2023 by No Comments

It’s another day, and yet another pizza restaurant has opened in Astoria. This follows a string of recent additions, which proves that the locals here are mad for pizza. However, if you were expecting some kind of local, independent pizzeria then you’d be very disappointed.

This is because the new eatery is in fact a Pizza Hut. The establishment opened yesterday and is located by the 34th Ave exit of Steinway R (in the old Latin Cabana location). The venue enjoyed a successful opening ceremony which included balloons, loud music, and free sunglasses.

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Interestingly, this isn’t the first Pizza Hut to be located in this area. For several years, there was a Pizza Hut at 3078 Steinway before closing for good a few years back. Although this doesn’t bode well, it may be a case of a new era and new management which could see this new venture turned into a successful one.

Just recently, Nonna’s has announced another venue in Astoria, while Jack’s also opened in another part of town. Returning to Pizza Hut, this opening may come as good news to fans of nostalgia. Although Pizza Hut was once a giant, it now has under 20 locations in New York City. However, based on its Astoria expansion, it may be on the up again.


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