Video shows NYPD cops crackdown on illegal moped drivers

September 20, 2023 by No Comments

A local New York City Tiktok channel uploaded an epic video yesterday that showed NYPD police officers cracking down on an illegal moped driver. Here, they suddenly got out of an unmarked car, chased the suspect, and literally jumped onto his moped to apprehend him. Overall, it was more akin to some kind of police drama such as NYPD rather than something that you’d see in everyday life. Nonetheless, this also shows that real policing does still happen in New York City.

In fact, it seems as though the NYPD has been very busy of late as we also showed this video yesterday where they arrested pickpocketers in Times Square.


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According to Reddit, the driver of the moped had stolen the vehicle and this arrest was an attempt at a larger crackdown. Here, one user wrote: “Finally, they are cracking down. I’m sick and tired of almost getting run over as a pedestrian and getting my mirror taken off as a driver by these illegal e-bikes and mopeds.”

Overall, the forum was full of praise for the crackdown and complimented its no-nonsense, 90s-style policing that has been missing on the streets for some time. While it may not have been the most efficient way to capture an alleged thief, there’s something quite cool looking when you see a car suddenly stop at an intersection with cops athletically chasing after a suspect.

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