Undercover New York Police Arrest Pickpocketers in Times Square

September 19, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a shocking video went viral on social media which showed two alleged pickpockers getting arrested in Times Square by undercover NYPD officers. This took place outside of Applebee’s where the two culprits had their hands tied behind their backs before being taken away. One of the culprits was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses which may have been done to protect his identity and both of the alleged criminals looked to be in their teens.

Little is known about the context of the scenario that took place before the video began but it is believed that the cops had carried out a sting operation to crack down on pickpocket gangs. This is nothing new and historically, Times Square has often had a problem with such crimes.

This video was originally uploaded to Reddit where users praised the cops for arresting potential criminals. Here, others spoke about their experiences with pickpocketing, and one person wrote: “Pickpockets work in groups. So this shut down a crew, not just one criminal.”

With this said, it is not known whether the two individuals in the video are part of a wider conspiracy or whether they operated alone. Ironically, this also took place outside of Dave and Buster’s. It is not known whether the culprits had any Dave and Buster’s tokens on them at the time of arrest.

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