Raising Cane’s opens at Astor Place with enormous line

September 14, 2023 by No Comments

Raising Cane’s, a fast-food establishment renowned for its chicken finger offerings and signature sauce, inaugurated its second New York City branch on September 13th. Situated at 20 Astor Place, this restaurant is conveniently just a brief five-minute stroll away from Washington Square Park.

As seen in the video below, a user uploaded the new Raising Cane’s venue to Reddit which showed an enormous line to buy food. This line literally stretched beyond the block and was filled with hundreds of people. With this said, a serious amount of people happily queued for hours to get their hands on fried chicken. Although this may seem extreme to some, it’s also an example of just how far some people will go to try out new foods, especially if they have been advertised correctly.

Originating in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, back in 1996, the company had previously launched its flagship Times Square location in June. As per Megan Sprague, the company’s head of public relations, Raising Cane’s has ambitious plans to unveil over 20 additional outlets in New York City in the forthcoming months. It doesn’t stop there either, as it has also plans for other venues across the country.

The restaurant’s proximity to the campus attracted a substantial number of NYU students which means in terms of location, this acts as a strategic hotspot for Cane’s and shows meticulous planning.

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