Popular fast food chain coming to Fort Wayne – However, it’s literally years away

September 13, 2023 by No Comments

In recent times, Raising Canes has enjoyed success across the USA. However, it currently has no stores in Fort Wayne. If you like fast food dining and chicken, then you’ll probably enjoy Raising Canes. Such was one Fort Wayne resident’s love for the outlet, is that they asked the official Instagram page of Raising Canes if it would be visiting the city. Their response was interesting, to say the least.

In the exchange, the local asked: “Please come to Fort Wayne, Indiana. I will do anything to try Canes.” To which the account replied: “We’re headed your way in 2025.” In other words, while a Raising Canes may be on its way to Fort Wayne, it won’t be for a few years at least which is perhaps not the news local fans would like to hear.


Often with large corporations and chains, new locations are planned years in advance due to a variety of financial and logistical reasons. With this said, it isn’t unusual that its next store is literally years away.

Founded in 1996, Raising Canes originates from Baton Rogue but has since expanded outside of Louisiana. The restaurant chain is known for its simple and focused menu centered around chicken fingers and its signature Cane’s sauce and is intentionally limited, focusing on high-quality chicken fingers and a few complementary side items to provide a straightforward and consistent dining experience.

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