Evergreen Cafe parking scandal rages on with owner using loading zone every half hour

March 5, 2024 by No Comments

Phil Bacharach, proprietor of the Evergreen Cafe in Point Breeze, has recently been embroiled in a controversy regarding a new parking sign installed in front of his establishment. The sign, designating the space as a 30-minute loading zone, was erected in response to a petition circulated among the community. The change effectively prohibited Bacharach from parking his vehicle in the spot, a practice he had maintained for decades.

Despite the new regulation, Bacharach has chosen to challenge the decision and continues to park his vehicle, adorned with a “BEST JAG” license plate, in front of the cafe. He contends that a traffic survey should have been conducted before implementing such a rule change and asserts that his parked car has not been the cause of any accidents in the area.

While some locals express concerns about the safety of drivers on the blocks of Penn Avenue near the Evergreen Cafe, Bacharach remains resolute in his stance, dismissing these concerns. He further criticizes the city’s response to accidents that have occurred in the area, citing the brief placement of radar speed signs following a pedestrian fatality as inadequate.

In summary, the parking situation outside the Evergreen Cafe has sparked considerable debate and divided opinions among the community, with Phil Bacharach at the center of the ongoing controversy. It may be 2024, but the Evergreen parking space beef rages on stronger than ever.

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