Catholic education in Iowa

January 14, 2024 by No Comments

Iowa, IA – Amidst a transformative and challenging landscape for higher education nationwide, institutions in Iowa have persevered to deliver exceptional value, relevance, and trust to students, families, and the state. This is evidenced by their continued role in educating countless citizens and contributing significantly to economic and civic life.

Quantifiable Impact:

  • Enrolling over 40% of undergraduate students and awarding half of all master’s and doctoral degrees in Iowa: Private colleges and universities shoulder a substantial share of the educational responsibility, cultivating future leaders and professionals across diverse disciplines.
  • Catholic institutions enriching the educational landscape: These institutions, while welcoming students of all backgrounds, offer a unique foundation grounded in values, character, and faith, enriching the collective academic environment.
  • Liberal arts focus for holistic development: Private institutions prioritize the essential skill development fostered through the liberal arts, preparing students for professional success and personal growth.
  • Unwavering Relevance: Proactive adaptation to evolving market needs is a hallmark of private institutions. Through close collaboration with local employers, new programs and initiatives are crafted to address current workforce demands.
  • Investing in affordability: Financial aid and scholarship programs prioritize accessibility, ensuring that a world-class education remains within reach for students regardless of economic background.
  • Exceptional return on investment: Studies reveal that bachelor’s degrees from private institutions translate to average lifetime earnings $1 million higher than high school diplomas.
  • Efficient graduation rates: Private institutions excel in guiding students towards timely graduation within four years, enabling them to enter the workforce with minimized debt and maximized potential.
  • Cost-effective for taxpayers: Each student choosing a private university in Iowa over a Regents university translates to taxpayer savings of approximately $13,000.

A Catalyst for Positive Change:

Private higher education is not merely an academic pursuit; it is a catalyst for positive change in individuals, communities, and the state as a whole. By fostering an environment of rigorous learning, ethical development, and career readiness, these institutions empower students to become engaged citizens and future leaders.

A Collective Commitment to Building a Stronger Iowa:

Private colleges and universities in Iowa stand united in their unwavering commitment to educating and empowering students, building vibrant communities, and propelling the state towards a brighter future. Their collective impact is undeniable, and their enduring value deserves continued recognition and support.


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