Rabid dogs cause over $350,000 in damages after destroying cars at Houston car dealership

January 12, 2024 by No Comments

Two canines, believed to be stray, have found themselves impounded after causing significant damage exceeding a quarter-million dollars at a Houston car dealership. Surveillance footage captured the incident, documenting extensive scratching and bumper detachments inflicted upon vehicles parked at G Motors. The dealership’s finance manager, Mr. Imran Haq, estimated the total destruction to reach $350,000.

Mr. Haq, alongside sales manager Ms. Gaby Fakhoury, promptly contacted BARC (Houston’s animal control and adoption center) upon recognizing the initial attacks in November. They surmise that the dogs gained access to the lot by navigating under a fence, likely in pursuit of stray cats seeking refuge beneath the vehicles.

The first apprehended canine, now named Dasher, has been assessed as healthy and devoid of aggressive tendencies, rendering him eligible for adoption, according to a statement from a BARC spokesperson. An evaluation of the remaining dog is currently underway.

Houston has a staggering estimated population of more than 1 million stray dogs and cats, which is a significant issue that the city is working to address. This high number of stray animals puts a strain on local animal shelters and rescue organizations, which are often overburdened with the task of caring for and finding homes for these animals.


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