‘You can’t park there’ – Car crashes into Trade Fair on Broadway and Crescent

January 11, 2024 by No Comments

Yesterday morning, a driver crashed into the front of the Trade Fair building on Broadway and Crescent. As the picture below shows, the NYPD was quickly on the scene but strangely, it was the back of the car that hit the building. This means that it would have had to reverse into Trade Fair which may not have been an easy task due to the nearby road layout. Had the car hit the venue from the front, it would have made sense but the image brings up more questions than answers.


News of the crash was first shared on Reddit after a user managed to photograph the scenario. Here, puzzled users speculated on how the car ended in an unusual predicament. According to an eyewitness, it was an elderly driver who was ok after the crash. Another user claimed that the driver tried to perform a U-turn which would make sense given the context of the photo. This prompted others to criticize the driver, with one claiming that the Bel Air parking lot was literally one block away.

Over the years, this particular intersection has been the cause of various car accidents with one fatality recently recorded after an 88-year-old was mowed down while crossing. As a result, the intersection has gained a level of notoriety throughout Astoria. Unfortunately, this recent incident only adds to its status.


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