Huge San Antonio house goes up for sale – And its surroundings are beautiful

January 11, 2024 by No Comments

This San Antonio house just went up for sale. As seen, the property itself is beautiful and is inspired by the city’s classic Spanish influence which can be seen by its tiling and recognizable architecture. Located in the prestigious Dominion community, this Walden Elms property is built on 1.12 acres of land. Here, it is surrounded by plush greenery, scenic views and lots of open space. This is a far cry from the city center’s urban sprawl while still being in close enough proximity to the city center.

Listed on Zillow, the property includes 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and 6,849 sqft of living space. This is available for $3,950,000 and was first built in 2021. As a result, it is highly modern and doesn’t need any work.


As seen, the entrance is very impressive which features two large staircases and a central staircase with opulent surroundings. It also has an open-plan kitchen that leads to the living room, a large fireplace, a gourmet kitchen, a walk-in closet, an office, a laundry room, an elevator, a spare room, an outdoor entertainment area, a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, and large garage spaces.


While the interior design may not be to everyone’s taste, it certainly gives off strong palace vibes and will make you feel like royalty in this not-so-humble abode. Overall, there aren’t too many houses like this in San Antonio and based on what’s on offer, you can see why it’s so pricey.

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