Glenn Youngkin outlines ‘progress’ of last two years with big future promises – but Virginians aren’t buying it

January 11, 2024 by No Comments

Yesterday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin made an ambitious claim regarding the state’s future which was based on his perceived success over his past two years in governance. According to Youngkin, all would be revealed in a YouTube video that is scheduled for today. Understandably, some Virginians were skeptical of his claims and weren’t quick to buy into his positivity.

Speaking on Twitter, Youngkin wrote: ‘Tomorrow, I will outline the progress made in Virginia over the past two years and the opportunities we have to unleash to build on our historic job growth, booming economy, tax relief for hardworking families, record investments in students, teachers, law enforcement, and behavioral health. Tune in at 4:00 PM’

Responding to this, one user named Julie Windsor cynically asked: “I have 2 questions: Will you be properly attributing some of that success to the Biden administration as is due? Why is it that @VA_GOPclaims an opposite scenario in VA? Bad economy, miserable schools, high inflation, and crime. Oh, that’s right – that’s his anti-Biden shtick.”

Similarly, another constituent added: “Youngkin has done nothing but lie and promote racism. He wants to bankrupt the state and deplete our surplus. Our schools were ranked 4th in the nation before he destroyed the curriculum. His poor judgment at Carlyle got him kicked out. His judgment is still poor.”

With Youngkin’s big speech coming up, it will be interesting to see his plans for the future and whether he can win around the minds of some very cynical Virginians.

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