Brutal image shows extent of biblical flooding as Fells Point gets submerged in water

January 11, 2024 by No Comments

The past week has seen torrential storms across parts of America, and Baltimore has also experienced this as well. This was summed up when a photo went viral on social media which showed Fells Point completely drenched in water from the heavy rains. Here, entire sidewalks were covered as buildings were sadly flooded due to the high volume of water in the area.

The image below was originally shared on Reddit where one user claimed: “That looks bad. I was in that area earlier this afternoon and it did not look like that. This rainstorm is no joke! I live by the Jones Falls, and I’m glad I moved my car to higher ground earlier because I’m not risking my car engine being destroyed by a deluge of water.” Unfortunately, it looks as though many Fells Point residents may have been victims of the flooding with their personal property destroyed in the process.


The powerful storm system pummeled the Baltimore region on Tuesday, unleashing heavy rains, tidal flooding, and strong winds that submerged roadways, stranded vehicles, and downed power lines and trees. The relentless precipitation left parts of Maryland facing a messy aftermath, requiring a wet and weary cleanup effort.

Thankfully, a respite from the relentless rains is expected on Thursday, with the forecast promising sunny skies and minimal winds. However, a slight chance of rain may reappear on Friday, keeping residents on their toes.

The inclement weather significantly impacted daily routines, prompting officials from Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County to announce a two-hour delay for school openings on Wednesday.

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