This is America’s most dangerous gas station – And it’s based in Oakland

January 10, 2024 by No Comments

According to the research group Perfectrec, America’s most dangerous gas station is located in Oakland. The gas station in question is the Shell Station at 285 Hegenberger Road which has become infamous in recent times for a string of violent crimes. Over the years, Oakland has earned the reputation of a crime-ridden city and while this may be exaggerated at times, sadly it looks as though this gas station reinforces the stereotype.

The data was based on Google reviews. Here, the group looked at positive, negative, and neutral reviews. As well, they also had a category that said ‘robbed while pumping gas.’ Historically, this gas station has always had a lot of negative reviews. Interestingly though, this gas station only began experiencing robberies in 2021.


This then grew significantly in 2022 before exploding in 2023. Last year, over 40 reviews mentioned being robbed. It should also be noted that even more people may have been robbed who failed to leave a review.

After a quick glance at the gas station’s review page, it looks as though these stats correlate with the reviews. Here is an example of a woman who was robbed there 3 months ago. Although this may be bad news for shell, it should also act as a warning for Oakland residents to be wary when pumping gas and to always be alert.


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