Portland mansion goes up for sale – And it’s absolutely gigantic

January 10, 2024 by No Comments

Recently, this 1918 Portland Heights mansion has been listed for sale. As seen, it’s absolutely gigantic and has a total of 14,335 sqft of living space which is set on over 2 acres of land. Based on this, it is definitely one of the biggest properties in the state and due to its age and history, it’s also filled with bags of character. Despite being built in 1918, it has aged gracefully and has lots of modern touches that blend in effortlessly with its original features such as its wooden walls and grand dining room.

Listed on Zillow, this house has 7 bedrooms, and 9 bathrooms as well as a host of other luxury rooms and extra amenities such as a Japanese teahouse.


It also comes with a landscaped garden, swimming pool, sports court, and reflecting pond. Inside it offers a snooker room with a wet bar, mini nightclub, and third-story skateboarding room complete with ramp. As mentioned, it truly does mix new with old perfectly and this can be seen in the pictures.


Although this sounds like the perfect property, the catch is that it’s on sale for $3,995,000. This means it’s one of the most expensive properties in the city and highlights the high life within Portland for those who can afford it.

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