J B Pritzker criticized by locals after state ‘upgrade’ claims

January 10, 2024 by No Comments

It may be 2024 but J B Pritzker is yet again courting controversy on social media. This time the divisive Illinois Governor copped heat on his Twitter account after boasting about his 2023 policies. Here, he listed a string of achievements before signing off by saying ‘Let’s get to work in 2024, Illinois.’ This caused quite a stir and prompted a number of his constituents to dispute his claims.

Here, his Tweet read: ‘Earned a total of nine credit upgrades. Guaranteed paid leave for workers. Banned the sale of assault weapons. Protected reproductive rights. Landed the most significant manufacturing investment in decades. That was 2023. Let’s get to work in 2024, Illinois.’

This led one user to reply by saying: “Over 400,000 left the state, 4 major corporations closed their doors, unknown how many small businesses closed, charged taxpayers, supported the gangs and cartels attacking law-abiding citizens, yeah he is a peach.”

Elsewhere, another user added: “Fixed crime! No. Fixed migration crisis No. Lowered taxes! No. Lowered license plate sticker: No, not even during a pandemic, not even to seniors.”

While Pritzker’s PR team may have believed these social media boasts may boost his profile, reading the comments it looks as though they’re having the opposite effect in terms of popularity.

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