Footage shows collapsed building in middle of the road as shocked driver can’t believe it

January 10, 2024 by No Comments

When driving through Little Rock, one does not expect to see a collapsed house in the middle of the street. However, this was what one shocked driver witnessed yesterday while on 3rd. Here, the woman stopped to film the unusual sight and couldn’t hide her amazement at seeing a roof in the middle of the sidewalk. Here, she said: “What in the Wizard of Oz, the wicked witch of the West?” before driving past the destroyed property.

The video can be seen below which highlights the extent of the damage. Unfortunately for the property owner, this is substantial too, and isn’t something that could easily be repaired without significant cost. It looks as though this could have been in place for some time, as the roof had a temporary fence placed around it.

The building in question was previously used by MedEvolve and recently underwent renovation. A picture of the property before the damage was inflicted can be seen here. Responding to the damage, locals speculated about the cause of the problem. Here, some argued that it could have been due to possible termite damage. Others claimed that it could have been due to the top of the building falling foul to wind load. Luckily, no one was hurt during this incident, and on another day it could have caused a major problem.

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