Fighter Jets spotted in Frisco skies – And here’s the reason why

January 10, 2024 by No Comments

This week, a number of fighter jets were sighted in the skies of Frisco. This was mentioned on social media by a curious local who asked about the bizarre sighting. Not only this but these jets were also incredibly loud which only added to the spectacle and shone even more attention on the situation. Naturally, this sort of thing will get people talking as it’s not a typical sight to see military jets in the skies. Unlike certain other cities, Frisco isn’t known for having a local military presence either.

It turns out that these were F-16 planes that performed a flyover over the Toyota Stadium. This was confirmed on Reddit by one user who said: “Home state air guard does flyovers for the NCAA division 1 football championship in Frisco every year. When North Dakota State is in it they fly a bomber that carries nuclear weapons over the stadium.”


Made in the 1970s, this single-engine supersonic fighter jet emerged as a trailblazer in versatility, agility, and sheer performance. As a result, it earned the nickname ‘viper’ due to its slick design and reputation as it is known for dominating air-to-air encounters to delivering decisive blows in air-to-ground attacks.

The cost of an F-16 jet can vary depending on the specific model and configuration, but in general, the latest versions of the F-16 can cost around $70 million per aircraft.


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