Alleged UFO sighted in Denton skies – But here’s what it really is

January 10, 2024 by No Comments

Two days ago, Denton residents witnessed a strange glowing object in the night skies. This light supposedly would have periods where it got brighter before leaving a smoky vapor in its presence. Interestingly, the sight was also seen across other US states such as Louisiana which led to concerned eyewitnesses believing it had to do with UFOs. After seeing the footage below, you can see how people would jump to conclusions.

This was reported across social media and one Denton resident even mentioned it on Reddit. Here, they wrote: ‘I just saw a strange light in the sky from just outside Denton. It would get brighter and fade out leaving a smoke or vapor around it. Did anybody else see it or know what it was?’

It turns out that this was actually the work of Elon Musk and his Starlink service. Here, his SpaceX rocket was used to propel his satellites into orbit which are used for his internet service across the country. Originally launched from Florida, SpaceX led to various sightings across the USA.

It doesn’t help that it’s also got a unique look about it which makes it understandable that people could confuse it with a UFO. Over the past two years, Musk has amped up his Starlink service considerably, which has led to even more confused sightings. Based on its expansion, it looks as though this trend will continue well into the new year.


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