All Clean Juice locations close overnight throughout Boise

January 10, 2024 by No Comments

Without warning, all of the Clean Juice stores have closed throughout Boise. This was confirmed by an image that showed a sign that read ‘Permanently closed, sorry’ on one of the front doors. Similarly, all locations on Google have now been set to permanently closed.

Despite this, it looked like business as usual for Clean Juice up until this year as there were no previous indications that any of the stores would be closing. Since their exit, the chain’s social media pages have not referenced their closure either. Furthermore, the door in the image below also says ‘Now awarding franchises’ which shows that if anything, it was viewing expansion rather than closure.


Over the years, Clean Juice had established itself as one of the main juice stores in Boise and specialized in healthy drinks and snacks. Often, it was viewed as a rival to Boise Juice which is still going strong. Based on the mysteriousness of it all, it looks as though Boise residents will never get an explanation and it is assumed that the closure was the result of either personal or financial reasons. Interestingly, Clean Juice’s locations outside of Idaho are still open for business.

At this point in time it is not known what will replace the various venues. Irrespective, it looks like the city will be less healthy in its absence.


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