This Oakland neighborhood has mysterious buzzing noises every night – And no one knows why

January 9, 2024 by No Comments

Yesterday, a Keller In The Hills resident claimed to hear high-pitched buzzing noises on a nightly basis from 2-3 AM. In the same thread, others claimed to have also heard this bizarre noise. Understandably, this got people talking about what it could be. Sadly, this brought up more questions than it did answers.

The discussion began on Reddit when the user wrote: “What is this high-pitched buzzing noise that I hear every night around 12 AM or between 2 or 3 AM? I live on Keller In The Hills. It sounds like it’s coming from across the street but I don’t know.”

This led to a number of responses, with some being serious while others used more of a comical tone. Serious theories ranged from a possible animal deterrent to cell towers. Similarly, others joked that it was surveillance drones or the legendary Mothman.

Over the years, there have been reported sounds of ‘the hum’ in areas such as Sunnyvale and San Francisco. However, to date, there has been very little coverage of such goings on in Oakland. While this probably has a very mundane explanation and may well be some kind of animal deterrent device, it is still interesting and for now at least, remains the source of annoyance for those who are kept awake by it.


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