Staff quit Ice Cream parlor and leave manifesto after being ‘cheated’ on wages amid poor working conditions

January 9, 2024 by No Comments

Staff at Jeremiah’s Ice Cream Parlor in Warner Robins recently quit and left a scathing manifesto explaining their reasons for walking out. In total, 6 pages were left on the premises which went into great detail as to why the employees decided to quit.

These notes were subsequently shared on social media which began by saying: “We quit because we woke up! Our eyes have been opened and we will no longer allow to be pushed down. We have allowed this employer to cheat us out of wages and when we finally stand our ground to be paid the shortage, we are treated differently, talked down to, and given more workload, compared to those that kept quiet.”

The full manifesto was shared on Reddit which can be viewed in greater detail here. Among the allegations also included claims of a dirty workplace. This was accompanied by pictures of the grimy conditions of the kitchen.


Further adding to the controversy, an Imgur album was also leaked which showed a leaked text message supposedly written by the boss, asking the staff member to return if their pay was increased. It should be noted at this point, that none of these allegations have been proven to be true. However, from a PR perspective, this is not a good look for Jeremiah’s.


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