Kathy Hochul challenged after claims New York is investing in AI as transport infrastructure continues to struggle

January 9, 2024 by No Comments

New York Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced the launch of Empire AI, a state-of-the-art AI center in Upstate New York. Here, she claimed it would bring jobs and money into the state. Although this was coined with optimism, many of her constituents weren’t convinced. This highlights the ongoing struggle with many members of the public and their distrust of AI and what it may bring in the future.

In a statement made yesterday on Twitter, Hochul said: ‘We’re creating Empire AI — a state-of-the-art AI computing center in Upstate New York to make us the national leader in AI research & innovation! With partners in academia & the private sector, we’ll bring jobs to New York & unlock AI opportunities focused on public good.’

Responding to this, one user named Rob quipped: “I can’t for the life of me think of a person, or institution I would like controlling ai less than you, and the government.”

Another user named Antonio Montana added: “We can create Internet and AI but can’t fix a pothole or have high speed trains in NY?”

Overall, Hochul’s announcement gained hundreds of comments with many of them following a number of themes. These included focusing on current problems such as New York’s transport and education infrastructure. Secondly, many weren’t confident that state-based AI would be good for the public in the long run as far as job creation was concerned.

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