Jersey City resident requests tree removal due to mass of bird poop left on cars

January 9, 2024 by No Comments

One of Jersey City’s most scenic streets is under attack after a tree removal request was filed yesterday for the removal of the trees situated on the sidewalk. The request was based on 149 Essex Street and targeted the trees that run parallel to the parked cars that commonly use the street parking. Here, one disgruntled resident has a clear dislike of these trees due to the amount of bird poop that falls on the cars from them.

The request was put forward to Jersey City and can be viewed in further detail here. The description of the request is as follows: ‘Trees on Dudley St and Van Vorst St in Paulus Hook are growing out of control, and brings in many birds that bomb people, cars and the sidewalks with large amounts of droppings. It’s disgusting as well as a health hazard. Please heavily trim or completely remove trees. Have pictures of the damage this has caused, but the app only allows 1 picture upload. The original request was in July 2022. Nothing has been done.’

Although this person may feel begrudged by their situation, the likelihood is that these trees will not be removed by the city. From a logistical point of view, one complaint will be unlikely to lead to the destruction of dozens of trees which arguably make the area look nicer. At the same time, this street has become infamous for bird droppings in recent years.

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