Continued mail theft angers San Antonio Neighborhood who have had enough

January 9, 2024 by No Comments

Yesterday, residents of San Antonio’s Deer Oaks off Wurzbach, awoke to a disconcerting sight: shattered mailboxes that had been broken into during the early hours. This targeted attack, seemingly perpetrated by individuals with prior knowledge of mailbox vulnerabilities, has left many feeling violated and questioning their sense of security. What’s worse is that these were meant to be protected by a security gate with a code.

While some claim limited valuables are kept in mailboxes, concerns remain for vulnerable members of the community, particularly the elderly who often receive sensitive documents, such as social security checks, through postal delivery. According to the user who posted the news on social media, this wasn’t the first time either.

They also claimed that their apartment complex had done little to help the situation with no real preventative measures put in place, adding: “Even the maintenance guys here (cause they actually live on the property too) are fed up with it and have brought it up in their internal meetings, but they keep being told “cameras will happen in the new year”…but it’s been a few years of that.”


This incident underscores the unfortunate reality of rising mail theft in San Antonio and across the nation. It serves as a stark reminder of the lengths some individuals will go to for personal gain, exploiting the trust ingrained in our postal system. While authorities work to apprehend the perpetrators, community vigilance and proactive measures like Informed Delivery remain crucial in safeguarding personal information and valuable documents.

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