Mountain Lion spotted in Mayacamas Mountain trail after stalking hikers

January 8, 2024 by No Comments

A dangerous sighting of a mountain lion was spotted yesterday after stalking a hiker who went for a walk with their mother in the Mayacamas Mountains in Sonoma Co. According to the hiker, this was near the top of Pine Flat Road yesterday evening.

News of the scary event took place on Reddit where the hiker warned others about hiking in the area. Although encountering mountain lions on this trail is rare, they can and still do happen to unlucky people from time to time.


Speaking specifically on the incident, the hiker said: “My Mom and I were walking back to the car near the top of Pine Flat road at Sunset yesterday when we had what I can only describe as an attempted attack by a Mountain Lion. The Cougar ambushed us as we approached a bend in the road. I heard a twig snap, turned my head and a full brown adult cougar came lunging out of the bush. It was closing a less than 20ft window in two long strides.

I’ll never forget that focus in its eyes. I had not but a second to react. I went to engage the cougar arms wide and a yell so primal I lost my voice. Thank goodness I must have confused it, the cat turned from confrontation at the very last moment. It wasn’t spooked though, not a bit. Proceeded to watch us. Be careful out there folks.”

Thankfully, this ended safely. Nonetheless, it serves as a timely reminder that mountain lions and other dangerous animals are present in the Bay Area and can cause fatalities if you are unlucky enough.

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