Memphis mansion goes up for sale – And it’s the most expensive in the city

January 8, 2024 by No Comments

Recently, the most expensive property in Memphis went up for sale on Zillow. Located on Sweetbrier Road, this is also one of the larger properties in the city and could easily house a large family with room to spare. Based on 2.23 acres of land, it was originally built in 2020 and has aged well since then.

In total, it comes with 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, as well as a number of other rooms for other uses. As seen, the property is completely empty which gives you a scale of just how large some of the rooms are, as well as how they could potentially be dressed. Many of the rooms feature tiled or hardwood floors as well as wooden beams in the ceilings which gives it a rustic feel.


This theme is continued with stone walls and fireplaces, grand chandeliers, and a large staircase upon entering the property. It also comes with a second wing complete with its own kitchen, as well as an office room and plenty of storage spaces, as well as four large garage spots for cars.


The outside is equally as impressive, which comes with a large backyard pool, landscaped garden, and a courtyard area with water features. A truly stunning property, this is sadly reflected by its high price tag which means for most people, owning this place is a mere fantasy. Nonetheless, you can’t deny that it’s not impressive.


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