Jay Inslee criticized over recent Capitol 2021 riots comments

January 8, 2024 by No Comments

Washington Governor Jay Inslee was recently involved in controversy after comments he made marking the third anniversary of the January 6th Capitol riots in 2021. On Twitter, Inslee criticized the attack but also claimed that as long as those engaged were running for office, then it still wasn’t over. These comments gained nearly 1,000 replies with many of them critical of Inslee for his views.

Speaking on Twitter, Inslee wrote: ‘Three years ago today I watched a mob attack our governor’s residence while another mob attacked our nation’s Capitol. Both were repulsed, but here’s the hard truth – so long as those engaged in insurrection are at large, and running for office, that day’s events are not over.’

Responding to this, one user named Jerry Oaksmith wrote: “Washington State is suffering from record retail theft, record violence, record addiction, record homelessness, record household debt, record high food prices, people are hurting, on edge, and afraid of how they are going to put food on the table. You a not a victim Jay.”

Another user named James Carney added: “For over 900 days, you abused emergency power to reign like a tyrant. Don’t you dare speak on manners of ‘democracy’.”

Sadly for Inslee, many other comments followed a similar tone. Here, many Washington residents viewed Inslee of using the days events as a political cheap shot to overshadow his own short-comings.

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