Atlanta’s biggest home goes up for sale – And it’s nearly 50,000 square feet

January 8, 2024 by No Comments

This week, Atlanta’s largest home went up for sale. With 49,665 sqft of living space spread across three stories and 3.79 acres of land, you can see how it has earned this title. This includes 11 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, a huge driveway, and an array of extra rooms. Perhaps the best word to describe this is elegant which is summed up by its grand pillars at the entrance.

Listed on Zillow, this is priced at $35,000,000 which isn’t surprising given its size. For context, this equates to paying roughly $220,000 per month in mortgage fees. This is before the maintenance costs on this place which may be similar when adding up the associated costs of running a place this big.


As seen, the inside architecture is equally as impressive with marble floors, grand staircases, chandeliers, and high ceilings. Located in Tuxedo Park in the heart of Buckhead, this home also has plenty of fun amenities which are as follows: an indoor pool, bowling alley, indoor basketball halfcourt, batting cage, golf simulator room, movie theater, gym, hair salon, large spa, wine cellar, game room and ballroom as well as the outdoor pool, tennis court and playground.


As this house was built in 2018, it’s still incredibly modern and doesn’t need any work done on it. Overall, this needs to be seen to be truly appreciated as it has too many features to mention. Whether any actually needs a 49,000 sqft mansion remains to be seen but you have to admit that this property is impressive.


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