Andy Beshear criticized after Kentucky ‘job creation’ claims

January 8, 2024 by No Comments

While it’s normal for politicians to big up their achievements, sometimes it can go too far and create a public backlash. This was the case for Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear yesterday who took to his Twitter account to boast about job creation in the state last year. Simultaneously, he also had the same ambition for Kentucky in 2024. Despite his optimism, this led to a number of disgruntled constituents who didn’t agree with their governor for taking credit.

This started when Beshear wrote: ‘During my first term, we created 51,200 new jobs. New year, new term – same goal: improve the life of each and every Kentuckian.’

Responding to this, one user claimed: “How many jobs did you destroy when you locked down the entire state of Kentucky? How many of the thousands in Kentucky are still owed unemployment money because you failed to fix an utterly useless unemployment system?”

Similarly, a user named David Ramsey said: “You can’t say you created jobs after causing people to lose their jobs. That’s not how it works governor.”

These thoughts were mirrored with a number of similar replies as Beshear was accused of cherrypicking certain dates to go along with his claims. As ever, this is a case of opinions and how some people view things very differently from one another.

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