This weird pyramid building has been in Salt Lake City for years – Here’s what it means

January 7, 2024 by No Comments

For over 40 years, a giant man-made pyramid has stood in Genesee Ave in Salt Lake City. This is guarded by a gate that reads ‘Summun’ and is hard to miss due to its unique look. Although some city residents will be well aware of this place’s part in local history, not everyone is aware of its meaning.

It turns out that Mormonism isn’t the only religion in the city. Summun is a religion based on Egyptian practices and even offers to mummify its member’s corpses. Despite its unique look, the religion remains very small and has an element of mystery surrounding it. This pyramid serves as a place for meditation, teaching, and the aforementioned mummification.

Image from Google Maps

Summum is a religious organization based in Salt Lake City that is centered around the Summum philosophy. The Summum Pyramid, which serves as a temple and sanctuary for followers of the Summum religion, was built in Salt Lake City between 1977 and 1979. The pyramid is 40 feet long at the base and 26 feet high, and it is oriented towards the true north.

The Summum religion is based on a set of principles that emphasize the importance of personal growth and enlightenment, and followers believe in the power of meditation and self-discovery. While not widely known outside of Salt Lake City, the Summum religion is described by some as a cult.

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