Strange Loud Noises heard in SE Portland – And here’s why

January 7, 2024 by No Comments

Yesterday, a shocked Portland resident living in the SE area of the city took to social media to ask about a very noticeable, loud noise that was coming from the skies. The puzzled local also filmed the incident which strangely showed no source of where the noise came from.

Writing on Reddit, they said: “(This) just happened a few minutes ago, and also happened yesterday in the late morning. I’m sitting in my home and I hear a sound coming from the sky that is so loud I have to go outside to see what it is…it sounds like a plane flying overhead, but much louder. It happened again while I was writing this, and I added a short video. What is it? Military jets? I’ve never noticed it before and I’ve lived at this place for 3 years. Any ideas?”

It turns out that there is a very simple explanation for this and it makes complete sense. In fact, their guess wasn’t far off. As other users explained, this was the result of military jets that have used the local PDX airport for years.

Residents within a 10-mile radius of PDX may occasionally experience the noise of F-15 jets as they execute their training missions. Takeoffs, particularly with the added thrust of afterburners, can generate a distinctive and sometimes startling noise. This may be common knowledge to some but for others, it may solve years of wondering.

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