OC residents angry after claims local Scientology group uses MeetUp to gain members

January 7, 2024 by No Comments

Recently, a discussion on social media claimed that a local Scientology group had infiltrated the app MeetUp to gain members under the guise of self-help and trauma healing groups promoted on the app. Typically, MeetUp is used as a community app that promotes neighborhood events and group meetings, hence its name.

News of this development was first shared on Reddit when one Orange County resident noticed a link between the religious group and the app which prompted their thread. Here, one user responded by saying: “They are infiltrating all over, including book groups, activity groups, and self-help. I reported them to MeetUp and asked that cults be removed.”

Elsewhere, others had also claimed to have experienced similar goings-on. However, trying to ban Scientology from the app had so far proved useless as they would allegedly rejoin at a later date. Looking at MeetUp’s fair use policy, it is vague when it comes to religious groups and open to interpretation, so it could be that the Scientology group is not violating any of their terms and conditions anyway. Nonetheless, their presence on the app has not gone unnoticed.

Over the years, Scientology has attracted controversy since its founding in the 1950s due to a combination of factors, including its secretive nature, alleged controlling behavior towards members, aggressive defense of its practices, and questionable claims about its abilities.

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