Kristi Noem blasted after blaming Biden on problems – And claiming Trump will fix them

January 7, 2024 by No Comments

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was recently lambasted on her Twitter page after giving a speech as part of the Team Trump presidential campaign. Alongside this, she blamed President Biden for a variety of problems while simultaneously claiming that Trump would fix them. This speech caused quite a stir on the social media platform and garnered nearly 1,000 replies. Unfortunately for Noem, many of them didn’t agree with her stance.

As well as the video, Noem wrote: ‘Whether I’m in South Dakota, Iowa, or anywhere else, these are the top 3 problems I hear about: Grocery prices, gas prices, the open southern border. Joe Biden caused these problems. @realdonaldtrumpwill fix them.’

Here, a number of critics piled in from both Republican and Democrat perspectives. One user stated: “Since you were busy with his advisor, your boyfriend @CLewandowski_, let’s remind you. Trump spent $8 T which gave us our current inflation. Trump didn’t demand spending for the wall, didn’t pass a single immigration bill, and deported less than Obama.”

In a similar tone, another added: “Grocery prices are up because Trump wrecked the economy. Gas prices are up because he couldn’t get energy policies codified. And he didn’t build the wall. Next…”

With US politics more divided than ever, it looks as though Noem has picked her side and it may not be the best one as far as her career and reputation are concerned.

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