Iconic Golden Gate Bakery re-opens with huge crowds due to legendary egg tarts

January 7, 2024 by No Comments

After a period of uncertainty, the legendary Golden Gate Bakery has once again graced the streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown with its delectable pastries. Hopeful customers now line up outside the establishment at 1029 Grant Avenue, eager to sink their teeth into the bakery’s renowned dan tat, or egg tarts.

These delectable treats, a delectable fusion of English and Portuguese custard tarts popular in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, tantalize the senses with their sweet and creamy center encased in a flaky, golden crust. News of the bakery’s reopening has spread like wildfire on social media platforms like Instagram and Yelp, with users eagerly sharing photos of their coveted hauls.

Beyond its delectable offerings, Golden Gate Bakery holds a significant place in the heart of Chinatown. As stated by Rosa Chen, program director for the Chinatown Community Development Center, the bakery has long served as a central fixture of the neighborhood, cherished for its $3.75 egg tarts, available for $45 by the dozen.

However, Golden Gate Bakery’s charm is not without its eccentricities. Its irregular schedule and frequent vacation periods have spawned persistent rumors of its permanent closure. Indeed, the boarded-up doors and metal gate that greet visitors on off days might fuel such anxieties. Chen confirms that many believed the bakery had succumbed to the pandemic’s initial onslaught, given its extended closure in 2020.

Despite these intermittent absences, the bakery’s appeal remains undeniable. Lines exceeding 30 minutes before opening are not uncommon, and on Thursday, the doors swung open at 1:30 p.m., welcoming a fresh wave of eager customers.

Golden Gate Bakery’s story is one of resilience, tradition, and the enduring allure of a simple, yet exquisite, treat. Its return is a welcome addition to the tapestry of San Francisco’s Chinatown, offering a taste of both nostalgia and culinary delight.

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