Disgusting scenes as Matt Keenan memorial anonymously destroyed

January 7, 2024 by No Comments

This morning, a photo revealed that the Matt Keenan memorial had been destroyed. Since his death in 2021, Keenan had a Happy Birthday poster attached to a fence near his place of death, alongside a special white bicycle in his memory. Sometimes, this was also decorated with flowers. This memorial was often visited by his wife and young son.

News of its destruction was first shared on Reddit which showed the poster had been destroyed, as had the bike. Here, it looked like the bike had been burned. Jumping to conclusions, users blamed the local homeless population. However, at this point, nothing has been confirmed. Regardless of your living arrangements or life situation, we can all agree that this is a disgusting, callous act.


Matt Keenan was a beloved member of the San Diego community, known for his passion for cycling and his expertise on the best bike routes in the area. Unfortunately, he passed away in a tragic cycling accident.

According to reports, he was an experienced cyclist who took safety seriously and used bright lights on his bike. However, he was run down by a wrong-way driver. The San Diego Association of Governments has even launched a new tool to help identify streets with safety issues, in an effort to prevent future accidents.

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