Botte to open new restaurant in Astoria

January 7, 2024 by No Comments

Astoria is set to get a new restaurant that is projected to open in Spring 2024. Housed in the location previously housed by Nino’s AQ, Botte announced its hello to the neighborhood recently by placing welcome signs in the windows. These read: ‘Botte, Spring 2024.’

Botte Bar is a popular authentic Italian restaurant located in various parts of New York City. It’s known for its delicious Roman-style cuisine, as well as its impressive selection of cocktails. The restaurant has three locations in NYC, including Upper East Side Manhattan, Brooklyn, and another one on the Upper East Side. The atmosphere at Botte Bar is lively and inviting, with a cozy bar area where you can enjoy a drink and soak up the NYC vibes. Over the years, Botte has carved out a solid reputation within the NYC dining scene.

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This will be the first of its kind to open in Astoria. The trendy restaurant and bar has also updated its website to show the menu for the impending Astoria location. This is similar to its other venues with the occasional change. This includes classics such as bruschetta, meatballs, mussels, gnocchi, seafood, pizza, and an extensive list of wines and cocktails. Most of these dishes are priced from $15-$30 with drinks at $12.


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