Austin residents warned after bogus ATX parking scam stings locals

January 7, 2024 by No Comments

The Austin Transportation Department has issued a warning to users of the Park ATX app regarding a fraudulent website that has been appearing at the top of Google Search results. This website, which mimics the official Park ATX service, has been reported by several users to request credit card information without allowing them to initiate a parking session.

The department urges users to avoid this fraudulent website and to instead download the official Park ATX app from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. While the fraudulent website is currently appearing as the top sponsored post on Google for some users searching for ‘park ATX,’ downloading the verified version of the software from the app stores will ensure that users are accessing the legitimate service.

The Austin Transportation Department stresses the importance of exercising caution when entering credit card information online, and reminds users to verify the authenticity of websites and apps before providing any sensitive information. By taking these precautions, users can help protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent activities and ensure a safe and secure parking experience.

Unfortunately, this is not the first scam to target ATX users. In 2022, a similar scheme made headlines for similar reasons. Over the past year, parking lots around the US have experienced a sharp rise in bogus QR scams as well.


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