Westfield Mall teetering on Dead Mall status after Adidas store permanently closes

January 6, 2024 by No Comments

San Francisco Centre, the city’s once-thriving retail hub, is experiencing another significant departure with the upcoming closure of the Adidas store. Scheduled for January 13th, the closure marks a continuation of the mall’s struggle in recent years, characterized by a string of high-profile departures like the Lego Store, Cinemark movie theater, and anchor tenant Nordstrom.

The future of San Francisco Centre remains uncertain following the $558 million mortgage default by its former owners, Westfield and Brookfield. This effectively placed the mall in receivership, with Trident Pacific now tasked with managing and potentially seeking a sale after implementing a turnaround strategy.

San Francisco Centre’s woes reflect broader challenges facing downtown retail. Declining foot traffic and concerns about crime have been cited as contributing factors to the exodus of major retailers. The Adidas closure, while seemingly isolated, adds to the growing sense of uncertainty surrounding the mall’s future and the overall health of downtown retail in San Francisco.

Trident Pacific’s arrival and potential sale offer a glimmer of hope for San Francisco Centre. However, the success of any turnaround effort will hinge on addressing the underlying challenges impacting downtown retail. Adapting to changing consumer preferences, fostering a safe and inviting environment, and potentially reimagining the mall’s purpose may be crucial steps in securing a brighter future for this once-dominant retail destination.

For San Francisco residents seeking Adidas products, the closure of the Centre store isn’t the end of the brand’s local presence. An additional Adidas store remains operational in Livermore, offering continued access to the popular sportswear brand.

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