Southern Burger abruptly closes to the sadness of Chattanoogans

January 6, 2024 by No Comments

One of the most popular burger joints in Chattanooga has officially closed for good. This shock announcement was made by the Cambridge Square Facebook page, where the group announced the closure on behalf of the eatery. Somewhat interestingly, the official Southern Burger Facebook page has since disappeared.

In the post, Cambridge Square thanked Southern Burger for its time at the venue and acknowledged that it was one of their first tenants. This gained hundreds of likes and comments from Chattanoogans who wished the burger restaurant well and reflected on its tasty menu.

The official statement read: ‘We wanted to inform you that Southern Burger has officially closed its doors at Cambridge Square. Southern Burger was one of the original tenants at Cambridge and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for all that they have contributed over the years and wish their management and staff the best of luck in the future.

We will be working on a replacement concept in the following weeks and will make an announcement as to what comes next as soon as we have that nailed down.’

Southern Burger offered a wide range of burgers, including the Southern Burger, the Bison Burger, the Jalapeno Burger, and the Mac & Cheese Burger. They also had a variety of sandwiches, such as the Chicken Philly and the Impossible Burger.

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