Mike DeWine challenged after boasts about his distracted driving law

January 6, 2024 by No Comments

Last year, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine implemented a new law that made the use of a cell phone while driving a primary offense. At the time, the law was generally well received by Ohioans who viewed it as common sense. Nonetheless, whenever any politician starts boasting, they often open themselves up to criticism which is exactly what DeWine did yesterday.

Speaking on Twitter, DeWine wrote: ‘One year ago today, I signed Ohio’s enhanced distracted driving law, which makes the use of a cell phone while driving a primary offense,’ which gained hundreds of comments challenging his policies.

Ohio resident Ryan Kail responded to this by claiming: ‘Nothing like more laws from government. Coming from the people who get chauffeured around on the taxpayer dime. Give us an Argentina-style government.’

On a similar note another constituent named Mike Flacco added: ‘Meanwhile, I see Ohio cops literally using their phone up to their face while driving on more than one occasion.’

Overall, many of the comments followed this theme with a lot of Ohioans less than impressed with DeWine’s own driving habits. If anything, this serves as a classic example of a popular policy implemented by a not-so-popular governor. In this case, it’s probably not a good idea to start bragging when your popularity is down.


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