Locals angered after Divvy increases prices by over 10% for third year in a row

January 6, 2024 by No Comments

Yesterday, Divvy announced that their prices would be rising from February 5th. This was announced on the pricing section of their website and this news didn’t go down well with locals who were angered by yet another price hike. This represented the their year in a row that Divvy’s services would cost more, with a rise of over 10% over the past three years.

Announcing the news, Divvy’s site said: ‘We’re adding more stations, next-gen e-bikes, and scooters to make it even easier to get around Chicago. To support our growing operations, we’re increasing prices. Divvy Annual Membership will increase to $143.90/year on February 5. Also, e-bike, extra time, out-of-station, and scooter prices will be increasing.’

Specifically, the new prices are as follows:

  • Annual membership will increase to $143.90/year.
  • Extra time fees for classic bike rides, beyond the included time of 45 mins, will increase to $0.18 per minute.
  • Ebike fees will increase to $0.18 per minute.
  • Scooter fees will increase to $0.29 per minute.
  • Out-of-station fees will increase to $1.20 per parking event.

Launched in 2013 Divvy is a way to provide a convenient and sustainable mode of transportation for residents and visitors of Chicago. The system operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, with users able to rent bikes for short periods of time from stations located throughout the city.

The system has over 500 stations and 5,800 bikes, making it the largest bike-sharing system in the Midwest. Here, the emphasis is on a fun and eco-friendly way to explore the city’s parks, neighborhoods, and landmarks.


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