Greg Abbott criticized after blaming Biden for Texas border crisis

January 6, 2024 by No Comments

Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott stoked tensions after an inflammatory statement made on Twitter where he criticized President Biden for the Texas border crisis. A long-time critic of Biden, this was nothing new and also led to the public criticism of himself. It wasn’t just Democrats either as Abbott got it from both sides. Here, some claimed his efforts weren’t effective and Republicans even called him a RINO while Democrats claimed it was a political smokescreen.

This began after Abbott wrote: ‘Through #OperationLoneStar, Texas continues to ramp up our efforts to secure the border. As long as the Biden Administration doubles down on its reckless open border policies, Texas will continue to step up.’

Responding to this, one user named Jeff sarcastically wrote: ‘Thank you for raising all our property taxes beyond what people can afford to put this thing up. I’m sure when this crisis is over, taxes will come down like they always have.’

Another user named Jason Talbott also went as far as to say: ‘No, you continue to ramp up your efforts to play games at the border so you can keep blaming everything on the president.’

While Abbott’s run is set for a few years, it looks as though the Texas public is growing ever tired of his antics surrounding the border which do not have a clear goal or ending in sight. Nonetheless, the debate rumbles on as it looks to for the foreseeable future.


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