Tate Reeves blasted after claiming left-wing states are ‘illegally’ keeping Trump off the ballot

January 5, 2024 by No Comments

Long-time ally of Donald Trump, Tate Reeves recently confirmed his support for the ex-President. This came in the form of a speech he made yesterday at a Mississippi Republican Party meeting. The speech was also accompanied by a statement on Twitter which caused controversy among critics of Reeves. By criticizing Democrat states, it looks as though Reeves also opened the door to criticisms closer to home.

On Twitter, the governor wrote: ‘While leftwing states are working to illegally keep President Donald Trump off the ballot, I was proud to stand with his volunteers for his campaign as he qualified for the Mississippi ballot today. The left knows they cannot let the voters decide, because we will choose freedom, prosperity, and Trump!’

This gained hundreds of responses from both Republicans and Democrats. Here, one user named Wayne Halcomb was less than impressed and claimed: ‘I’ve been a member of the GOP for thirty years. It’s supposed to be the party of law and order. Why does every yellow-bellied supposed Republican support this criminal? It outright opposes democracy. This isn’t the party I know. Trump should be banished from the US. Traitor!’

Elsewhere, another user added: ‘1. It’s in the Constitution therefore it is law. 2. It was Republicans who brought the lawsuits, not Dems. 3. Republicans are liars with zero ethics. You, for example, doled out money intended to improve the lives of regular MS citizens to guys like Farve. You’re a crook.’

Based on these and many similar responses, it looks like Reeves dropped the ball on this one and his recent comments didn’t help his popularity within the eyes of his constituents. Based on this, it could be a long year for the governor.

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