Popular Reno bakery to open new location within months

January 5, 2024 by No Comments

Building upon the resounding success of their initial flagship location at Reno’s The Village at Rancharrah, proprietors Aubrey and Tyler O’Laskey of Perenn Bakery are strategically expanding their footprint within the popular boutique shopping center. This spring, Perenn will unveil a new retail grocery concept situated seamlessly adjacent to the established bakery, further enriching the diverse offerings of The Village.

Encompassing approximately 2,500 square feet, the forthcoming grocery will utilize existing space that previously housed Centro South. In this optimized layout, one half will continue to serve as Perenn’s central savory production facility, while the other half will be transformed into a curated specialty grocery and home goods shop. This exciting addition promises to provide patrons with an array of prepared foods, coffee and espresso beverages, and other carefully selected products sourced from local farmers and renowned specialty retailers.

The O’Laskeys’ decisive action in securing this expansion opportunity stemmed from the timely availability of the neighboring restaurant space, featuring a pre-equipped kitchen, which aligned perfectly with their ambitious vision. This expansion builds upon Perenn’s initial establishment at The Village in June 2021, occupying 3,660 square feet of space. Prior to this flagship location, the O’Laskeys launched their first Perenn Bakery in 2018, occupying a more modest 800 square feet at St. Lawrence Commons in Midtown.

Interestingly, the initial Midtown location relied on the Butter + Salt commercial kitchen for its bakery operations. However, with the burgeoning success of Perenn, the O’Laskeys made the strategic decision to streamline operations by ceasing catering services in mid-2019, allowing them to fully focus on their retail bakery pursuits.

Furthermore, valuable customer feedback gleaned at the Midtown location played a crucial role in shaping the O’Laskeys’ vision for their next Perenn iteration. Seeking a unique and captivating setting, they meticulously explored various options before ultimately identifying The Village at Rancharrah as the ideal environment for their ambitious expansion.

Today, Perenn employs a dedicated team of nearly 90 individuals, some of whom are also involved in the O’Laskeys’ other culinary venture, Claio, a charming Greek-inspired Rotisserie located at Mayberry Landing, which also features signature pastries curated by Perenn. Reflecting on their entrepreneurial journey, Aubrey O’Laskey emphasizes the critical importance of recognizing and embracing opportune moments for strategic pivots and growth within the dynamic world of food and beverage.


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